Buy An S5 Now or Wait for Release of The S6?

The rumor mill is in full swing with news of the Samsung Galaxy S6. There are a lot of speculations as to when the latest Galaxy will be released. The S6 is the next smart phone in the Galaxy S series after the S5. This means that it will have more features. It is not clear yet about the full specifications of the S6. The one thing that consumers can count on though is that there is something new to expect. The operating system for instance is said to be the latest of the Android update. That means the Android 4.4. The memory of the S6 will also be larger. There are so many things to expect from this particular gadget. Some people though are torn between buying the Galaxy S5 now and waiting for the Galaxy S6.

A Better Smart Phone

The S6 is due for release in a few months. Buying the S5 now seems like a waste. You would only use the phone for a little while before the latest one is released. Granted, an S5 now maybe cheaper; it may make more economical sense to buy an S5 now. It may also be possible to update the S5 with latest Android OS. There are features though that you wouldn’t be able to update. The camera for instance; the S6 is rumored to be fitted with a 16 mega pixel camera. The S5 comes with a 13 mega pixel camera. The Galaxy S6 is also expected to perform better. The processor is expected to be 16-core while the S5 has a quad-core processor. This can run new mobile games like the new FIFA 2016. You can get some tips from my friend at Sc0ttgams, get the latest FUT 16 hack from his website. The S6 is also said to have a metallic casing. This will be a change from the plastic casing that has traditionally characterized the Samsung Galaxy. A metallic casing means better protection for your phone. The S6 will also give the user better control of their phone. Finger print control is one of the features rumored to be included in the S6.

An Experience worth the Wait

By definition the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be a better gadget. It will be a whole new experience for Android users. It is a smart phone that is expected to carry better innovations. Waiting for the S6 is certainly a more feasible option. It will give a consumer better worth for their money. Every gadget has some kinds of limitations. This is the same with the S5. Samsung however has a chance to improve on anything they did wrong with the Galaxy S6. A better option would be waiting for the release of the S6. After all, it’s only a few months away. That is not too long for a better Android experience. The prices may not be that different too. You may just have to add a little bit and make it possible to afford the Samsung Galaxy S6. It is worth the wait to experience all the new features that are bound to come with the S6. You can always find out about all the new specifications for S6 and then compare them to the S5. You will see that the S6 is the ultimate smart phone and you would rather wait for the smartphone’s release date in 2015.

Why Pre Order the Samsung Galaxy S6 Soon?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is among the most anticipated gadgets. It is rumored that it will have the latest update to the Android operating system. This has it at the top of the smart phone list of 2015. A lot of Android users are waiting patiently for its release. This is why some people may choose to pre order it. Pre orders for new gadgets have become a common thing. A company offers pre orders for her products maybe weeks before the official launch. Pre ordering your S6 may be just what you need. With pre orders, you won’t have to worry about standing in line during the launch. This is always very popular sight during the release of a new gadget. You find people waiting in line since very early in the morning. A new smart phone in the market always raises quite a sensation.

Savings with pre orders

When you pre order your Samsung Galaxy S6 early, you can save some bit of money. Pre orders always come with an incentive. You may find that Samsung will have some sort of discount on pre orders of the latest smart phone. You can benefit from those discounts when you reserve your product early. You may also get better deal on your contract when you preorder your Samsung phone. Part of the incentive for pre orders is offering phone contracts that are a little cheaper. Some retail stores may also sell the gadget at slightly cheaper prices for pre orders. You have to decide where you are going to pre order your Galaxy S6 from. With pre orders you also get to put down a deposit first. This is very suitable if you can’t afford to pay for your mart phone all at once. You can get the deposit first and then work on getting the rest. You have a period of maybe a few weeks to put the money together. This is less stress full than having to buy your phone at full price.
Now Your Options when pre ordering

A new gadget like this always has a way of selling out. You may find that the Galaxy S6 is sold out at the retail stores. This can get quite frustrating. Having to look for it from store to store is tiresome. You can save yourself all that trouble with pre orders. You may pre order your phone from the manufacturer or from the carriers. There are carriers that get the deal to take pre orders. Like earlier stated, carriers will find a way to subsidize the prices especially with the contract. When you pre order your Samsung Galaxy S6, you can decide to have it delivered to you or you can get it yourself. When you do it yourself, you will have to wait in line for it. Deliveries always come a little bit later than the release date. This will mostly depend one the scheduling of the manufacturer. There is also the option of pre ordering online. This saves you a lot of time. The manufacturer may provide for a way for customers to make preorders online. With this option, you have to be sure though that you get confirmation that your pre order of Samsung S6 has been received.

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